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  • NetTime
    Starting from1000,00 CHF/year
    Prepayed Credit

    Quota d’heures de service selon vos besoins Support en télémaintenance et sur site Accès au support helpdesk Quota of hours of service according to your Support needs in remote maintenance and on-site Access to the helpdesk support

    from 3-20 computers
  • NetGlobal
    Starting from35,00 CHF/month/post
    Prepayed Credit

    Credits of service usable according to your needs Interventions in remote maintenance or on-site Access to the EVOK support Helpdesk

    from 15-200 computers
Comparative table


Comparative Table

of IT Maintenance Offers



Price of monthly subscription

CHF 12.00
CHF 15.00
Type of services “On demand” intervention Pro-active and “On demand”
Type of contract Pre-payed credits Fixed rate
Recommended installed base size 3-20 computers 15 à 150 computers
Invoicing Pre-payment Annual or semi-annual
Monitoring with ticket creation Optional
Network security management Optional
Contractual period   min. 12 months
Administration et Licenses monitoring   Preferential rate invoicing
New software and equipment implementation Deducted on credits Preferential rate invoicing
Follow up and management review Deducted on credits  
Backup checks Optional min. 1x /month
On site interventions and levels of reaction Deducted, “best effort” 8×5 SLA “priority”
New software and equipment implementation Deducted on credits Preferential rate invoicing
  Set up Set up

Follow up of your installed base evolution

EVOK accompanies you throughout your company evolution and its computer equipment. We guide you on strategies to be adopt and on investment policies.

Monitoring of services and softwares

EVOK’s monitoring system allows to verify 24/7 the customers services states and sen Emails to signal failures.

Professionals insure your support

Certified professionals insure your support on site or at a distance, permanently and at “real time”. A proactive and reactive maintenance of your IT environment.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

EVOK engages itself to respect support services performances mesures corresponding to the goals planned with the client. In cas of non-compliance, agreed penalties are applied.



EVOK specializes in implementation, security an IT Maintenance since 1998.  By entrusting your installed base maintenance to EVOK, it is not necessary any more to mobilize your resources to make maintenance interventions, monitoring or of restoration of computer systems. EVOK attends to the development of companies by proposing them computing solutions adapted to their size and organization. Professionals insure on-site or remotely, permanently and in real time, a proactive and reactive management of your IT environment. EVOK, it is the service efficiency  which allows to handle problems immediately, avoiding, as much as possible, the movement on-site of an engineer.

  • Installed base maintenance, Number One is prevention
  • Professionals react on-site or remotely
  • Services monitoring (alertes & monitoring)
  • Delay can vary between 1 to 8 working hours depending on the chosen rate option
  • Follow up of you installed base
  • Backups integrity check ups

It is legitimate to ask yourselves the question on IT maintenance costs, especially when everything runs well in your company, systems are brand new and you haven’t yet experienced your first IT crash… The cost of an IT maintenance contract must systematically be opposed to the costs of an IT crash, which will generate a work stoppage, an operating loss and dissatisfied customers: We can easily  guess that it is in the interest of the business manager to prevent IT crashes by subscribing to a maintenance contract which will enhance the reliability of his computer-based tool. The term “IT maintenance” rhymes too often with repairs following a disaster, as computer users tend to believe that their systems will always function at the top of their performances without any external intervention. The servers, computers, software and operating systems must be maintained in a regular manner, in order no to slow down users in the execution of their daily work and guarantee optimal performances.