The online telephonic central for SME. The economical, simple and effective solution.

Advanced functions of a classical PBX

Responder, fax-to-mail, IVR, music on hold

Ideal for multi-sites deployments 

Compatible with divers brands of  SIP Terminals

Compatible softphone on PC, Mac, Android & IOS

Multiple Swiss SIP operators at your choosing (UPC, TelcoPack, VTX)

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Simplicity, evolution capacities and greater flexibility

In classical telephony, the company has a communications server (PBX) installed on its own premises in order to manage and assure telephone communications. On top of it, external telephone lines are also necessary, for which we pay a subscription and generally important communication costs, and classic terminals of telephone usually of the same manufacturer as the telephone exchange. These systems are often relatively complex to manage and to maintain. This traditional design is completely enlightened and softened when we speak about Virtual PBX: indeed, the only prerequisite in it’s deployment is an Internet connection and VoIP’s phone sets compatible with the standard SIP. Thus, the expensive traditional telephone exchange is replaced by a virtual solution which consists in a software hosted in a Datacenter, with a flat rate per user per month. It can be set up from a web browser, without having to rely on a telephony specialist technician.


EVOK Virtual PBX is compatible with practically all the SIP terminals on the market, basic or advanced, in particular those of the Mitel, Gigaset, Polycom, SNOM or Linksys brands. it can also be used with a software (Softphone) installed on the company computers, option which offers an optimal comfort of communication when used with headphones-microphones, or used from an smartphone app.  The most demanding professionals appreciate the advanced features of Virtual PBX, as the possibility of managing themselves the calling rules, answering machines, deviations or groups of calls via a Web interface, the centralization of the telephony system between distant desks, or the capacity to use international telephone numbers or from other regions. EVOK Virtual PBX is as well suited to small deployments of few phones as for large scale projects with hundreds of desks distributed over multiple sites and countries.  



Téléphones compatibles

    • Mitel*: 51i, 53i, 55i, 57i, 6730i, 6731i
    • Linksys: SPA901, SPA921, SPA922, SPA941, SPA942, SPA962, PAP2T.
    • Polycom: SoundPoint IP32X, 33X, 430, 450, 501, 550, 560, 650, 670, 6000, 7000
    • Gigaset: C470IP, S675IP
    • Snom: 300, 320, 360, 370, m3
    • Softphone: CounterPath, Ekiga, Kiax2, Twinkle, Zoiper

*Terminaux recommandé par EVOK

Partenaire telco pack

  • ppels gratuits vers plus de 50 pays
  • Aucun frais d’établissement de la communication
  • Plusieurs abonnements selon votre utilisation


Virtual PBX


Virtual PBX is a very advantageous solution of company communications optimization which relies on Cloud hosted tools. To classical companiy telephony, with prohibitive costs and lack of flexibility, Virtual PBX opposes proven technologies which decrease communication and operation costs.