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Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and SQL Server

Microsoft’s software suite for communicating and storing your business data.

With Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and SQL Server, manage all of your company’s external and internal communications and structured business data in a unified way.

By opting for the complete software suite, you save time thanks to software that integrates perfectly with each other and allows you to have a global view of your activities.

EVOK and its certified technicians are able to accompany you in any project to set up a corporate Exchange Server or Sharepoint Intranet, as well projects built around Microsoft SQL Server.

We are happy to advise you in the choice of a local (on-premises) or cloud strategy as well a backup strategy and replication, so that these tools are available without interruption and safely for you and your team.

We can also assist you in the migration of third party products (Messaging, Intranet and Database) to the Microsoft suite.

We can also assist you in the migration of third-party products to the Microsoft suite.

  • Fast and reliable backups and application support
  • Unlimited capacity (license per socket/CPU)
  • Reduce the cost of long-term data retention on object storage
  • Built-in WAN acceleration to route backups and replicas offsite
  • Simplified restoration of individual files with Instant File-level Recovery
  • Automation of Disaster Recovery (DR)
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The range of products Microsoft Exchange is designed for e-mail, but also for calendar, contact and task management. Microsoft Exchange allows access from mobile, web and desktop clients.