Fixed outsourcing contract including the preventive maintenance


Fixed cover

Interventions deadlines according to SLA

On-site or remote assistance

Preventive and curative maintenance

Regular and scheduled on-site presence

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Reduce the unavailability of your systems while mastering and planning your costs

Entrust your installed base management to experts and reduce the unavailability of your systems while mastering and planning your costs. With a n EVOK NetGlobal maintenance contract, your IT infrastructure lays in good hands. We schedule regular interventions in order to maintain and keep your systems up to date. Your equipments are remotely monitored and you have a privileged access to our support.

We establish a preventive maintenance plan including regular visits on-site depending on the size of your infrastructure, it’s complexity and the criticality of the systems to maintain. We define a SLA (Service Level Agreement) depending on your objectives in order to guarantee interventions at earliest opportunity.



Included services

Periodic controls:

  • Check of the state and general functioning of the server
  • Analysis of log files, Active Directory and associated services control
  • Softwares updates if necessary on MS Windows Softwares
  • Validation and implementation of security updates
  • Check and implementation of the anti-virus solution necessary updates
  • Validation of clients desktops security updates deployments (if the client has a centralized deployment solution), modifications of deployment tasks
  • Visual check of har disks and alimentation units
  • Replacement units management with material suppliers
  • Scheduled tasks control and automated restart
  • Set up and adjustments on customers demand
  • All other routine control judged necessary by EVOK

Proactive maintenance and security on network devices :

  • Control and implementation of Firewall systems updates.
  • Check of electric charges and inverters.
  • Set up or adjustment on customers demand

General support: The capital oh available working hours for general support can be used for tasks attached to maintaining the customers IT systems.


Professionals insure your support

Certified professionals insure your on-site or remote maintenance, permanently and in “real time”. A pro-active as much as reactive management or your IT environment.

Annual revue with the company’s management

During our meeting with management, we transmit advices on information technology fields. We inform you on future budgets and technological risks.

Services and softwares monitoring

EVOK’s IT monitoring system allows to check customers services states 24/7. Emails reports are sent to signal failures.

Master you IT maintenance support budget

Fixed rates for all services covered ba the Neglobal IT maintenance contract. Preferential hourly rate for all other services

Follow up of your installed base evolution

We accompany you all along your company’s and installed base evolution. We guide you on strategy to adopt and on IT investments politics.

Direct access to user support

Our support is available for all your IT linked demands or problems, We work with a last generation  ticketing software which allows us to better manage our clients requests.

Comparative table


Comparative Table

of IT Maintenance Offers



Price of monthly subscription

CHF 12.00
CHF 15.00
Type of services “On demand” intervention Pro-active and “On demand”
Type of contract Pre-payed credits Fixed rate
Recommended installed base size 3-20 computers 15 à 150 computers
Invoicing Pre-payment Annual or semi-annual
Monitoring with ticket creation Optional
Network security management Optional
Contractual period   min. 12 months
Administration et Licenses monitoring   Preferential rate invoicing
New software and equipment implementation Deducted on credits Preferential rate invoicing
Follow up and management review Deducted on credits  
Backup checks Optional min. 1x /month
On site interventions and levels of reaction Deducted, “best effort” 8×5 SLA “priority”
New software and equipment implementation Deducted on credits Preferential rate invoicing
  Set up Set up


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