Windows Server Installation and Migration

The operating system at the heart of your computer network

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Windows Server Installation & Migration

Get the most out of your Windows Server environment with the expertise and experience of our specialists. Upgrade your Datacenter infrastructure for greater efficiency and security.

For decades, Microsoft® Windows Server has been at the heart of many companies’ IT networks. With Active Directory, your computer network is mapped, allowing you to identify users, give them access rights, or control the use of shared resources. It’s a database that can range in size from a few hundred entries for small installations to several million for large, distributed configurations.

Microsoft® Windows Server is also the tool that will allow you to be used locally (on-premise), privately (EVOK Datacenter) or publicly (Microsoft Azure, AWS) Cloud. It makes it possible to set up hybrid scenarios where your data are partly local and partly in the cloud.

For many years, our certified technicians and engineers have been installing, configuring and maintaining Microsoft servers. Over the years, they have acquired extensive experience with this operating system and its evolution over the years.

We are able to support you in projects to set up new local installations, in private or public Cloud, as well as in the migration of existing installations. We can also manage your entire infrastructure for you.

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Microsoft Silver Partner

is designed to affirm our expertise. Our specializations are Silver Cloud Platform for our hosted services and Silver SMB Cloud Solutions for Azure and Office 365 based solutions.