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Virtualization as a way to optimize your hardware resources and make the maintenance of your infrastructure more flexible.

Thanks to virtualization, you can reduce the number of physical servers and the amount of hardware in your Datacenter: you directly reduce your hardware purchase costs, but also indirectly reduce your hosting, power and air-conditioning costs.


The maintenance of your infrastructure is also made much more flexible thanks to virtualisation: the allocation of hardware resources to your different virtual machines is made easier and their migration from one physical machine to another is made easier, as is the time needed for hardware maintenance. These operations can be done without interrupting the availability of services for your users, and therefore without impacting their productivity.

EVOK is able to support you in any project of virtualization of your infrastructure. Our certified teams can help you consolidate your servers resources in order to divide the number of devices, reduce operating and energy costs. Their experience with VMware allows them to offer you the best possible infrastructure in terms of cost and performance.


EVOK has many years of experience with this product. EVOK implements solutions based on the VMware product range, with solutions adapted for small structures from 2 or 3 physical hosts, or for larger corporate infrastructures, with replication, automation, high availability and disaster recovery functions.

Our teams help you consolidate server resources in order to divide the number of devices, reduce operating costs and lower energy costs.

Benefit from a truly cloud-capable infrastructure that delivers outstanding agility, one of the highest SLAs, simplified operations and lower costs.

Provide extremely simple and cost-effective protection for your virtualized applications. Ensure automated, one-step recovery in record time.

  • Server Consolidation with vSphere
  • Disaster Recovery with Site Recovery Manager
  • Software Defined Datacenter with NSX
  • Virtual SAN with vSAN
  • Application protection
  • Agile and efficient Cloud Infrastructure with vCloud

Consolidate server resources to divide the number of devices and reduce operating costs

Our certification

VMware Professional Cloud Provider 

Demonstrates our expertise as a hosted service provider and our ability to deliver solutions based on VMware products.