Securely connect yourselves to a company network.

Secures access thanks to Pulse Secure Appliance

VPN SSL sessions from Windows and MacOS

Mobile client for iPhone (IOS) & Android

Implementation with AD, RADIUS, LDAP directories

Optional: Validation with one time password (OTP)

Single Sign-On SSO
0844 877 877


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Based on Pulse Secure VPN concentrators, our VPN-SSL service allows you to join in complete safety your company network whether it is during your travels, at your customers or suppliers or from your place of residence. Instead of using client software solutions complex to maintain and not working from everywhere, use the Pulse Secure client from your Windows PC, Mac, tablet or telephone and securely access all of your company services to which you have authorized.


Our solution is completely manageable, compatible with all the brands of firewall and you can use the user name and password of your Active domain Directory to connect yourself.

Optionally, you can activate the double authentification factor(mailman) which consists in the use of a second one time password generated by a token (for example as on Google free software Authenticator) or sent by SMS when you need to connect yourself.


SAN storage

Our data storage infrastructure is based on several Hitachi SAN VSPx using the fastest technology presently on the market (FMD Hitachi Accelerated Flash).

(vCPU) Processor

Your server is based on VMware ESX with Hitachi Blade servers of first the latest generation. The computing power is provided by Intel E5-269x Processors (1 vCPU = min. 2.6 GHz).

14 days daily backups retention

Each vServeur is daily backuped in EVOK’s Swiss distant Datacenter. The basic retention duration of vServeur images is of 14 days. 

Secured access and computing

Our infrastructure is based on 2 Datacenters geographically distributed in Switzerland (Fribourg DUN TIER III & Lausanne BRN TIER IV). Security is insured by Business class Firewall clusters.

Fixed prices against unpleasant surprises

There is no limitations to the usage of Evok’s managed vServers. vServers prices are fixed and predictable, which encourages you to fully use your infrastructure with no unexpected fees.

vServers Customization

Each vServer can be customized with additional memory, vCPU, or SAN storage with no bandwidth limitation in order to answer to your specific needs.

We use 100% of green power

The power for our Datecenters is composed of 100% renewable energies. 99,8 % hydraulic Swiss energy Suisse and 0.2 % of solar energy. We contribute in developing renewable energies.


Monitoring & infrastructure management

This system allows our technicians to be immediately alerted in case of a componant or service failure and allowing them to quickly identify problems, make diagnostics et correctives.

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They have trusted us


EVOK exploite ses services en Suisse, avec 3 Datacenters distants de 70 km , dans un environnement complètement sécurisé permettant à EVOK de donner toutes les garanties pour l’hébergement d’applications critiques.

Infrastructure virtualisée VMware ESX
Stockage sur SAN Hitachi
Monitoring 24h/24
Période d’exploitation 365 x 7 x 24
Datacenter sécurisé situé en Suisse